A Poem on ” Difference”

How was the situation of learning English in my school time at village before 15 years back? I have composed a short poem on the title “Difference” to reflect the situation of teaching and learning English of that time. Let’s read and enjoy! 😊

The Difference

When I was in grade three

At first, I wrote ABC

Now, I can tell you all

How I learned English SEE….!

Working only handwriting, When I was in grade-7

Listening few English words, When I was in grade-9

Memorizing twelve tenses, When I was in grade-10

Now I can tell you all

How my English learning was?


Now I teach my students by using multimedia

I can direct connect them through some social media

Teachers are the explorers can use different technologies,

They can transform if they want shifting English pedagogy

Learning English is handy, not limited in the class

This is how I reflect me, how you get a different flash??

Lock down Confusion????

The world has been experiencing a deadly situation of Corona virus. Most of the people around the world are inside home, losing jobs, study and daily businesses which has brought a very complex situation.

Human beings have faced many challenges from the past owing to the natural disasters and varieties of emerging diseases. The greatest challenge for people is health hazards causing a massive death of people, recently the Covid-19 has been life threatening to all people around the world. Nobody is left behind to be suffered from such deadly virus.

The people can not confine and keep themselves inside the four walls of a building for long. They need to work and earn to sustain their livelihood. People’s mobilization is inevitable for doing house hold jobs and business activities however the situation seems worst in the sense that the virus can be easily transferred through physical closeness. This is one of the big challenges to a social human being. Many people are suffered from mental illness due to anxiety of their daily life, business, education, profession and lifestyle as all spheres of human life are badly hit and people are compelled to stay at home in this lock down,

In the context of Nepal, the overall formal education system, examinations and other varieties of educational activities have been blocked. Ministry of Education, educational authorities, stakeholders, teachers and parents are in deep confusion that schools and universities have been closed for more than five months to prevent the massive spread of the virus. As there was nationwide lock down since 24 the of March and now many different places of the countries have been sealed due to the increasing new covid-19 cases. In such situation the students’ studying from pre-primary level to university level have been facing classroom learning vulnerabilities.

What can be the effective alternatives to way out such situation……..?


Babita Parajuli is the English teacher at Shree Pokhariya Secondary School, Biratnagar-3 Morang, Nepal. She has been teaching English for more than five years as a secondary teacher in different community schools of Nepal.

The major areas of her interest in research are English Language Teaching, Teacher’s Professional Development and Use of ICT and social media in Education. She is also associated with NELTA and other different professional networks as a part of professional development. She has participated and presented in different national and international conferences. She has been working as a teacher trainer and editor of journals. She has completed masters’ degree in English Education from Tribhuvan University. She is an M.Phil. Scholar of Nepal Open University, Kathmandu, Nepal.